32: He Made the Stars Also

32: He Made the Stars Also Looking Over Life

Shawn and James talk about the glorious James Webb telescope! Well, we mostly talk about the pictures that James Webb has been sending back. James—our James—has been very excited to talk about these photos. Shawn mostly stays quiet with his mouth hanging agape, but we do try describe our visual experience in this audio medium. Check out the links below to get a look at what we were enjoying. Do you have a favorite James Webb photo? James would be delighted for you to share it with him and tell him a bit about what it means to you, and Shawn will agree that it is pretty. Send us an email. Email: lookingoverlife@gmail.com Website: lookingoverlife.com Patreon: patreon.com/lookingoverlife JWST Orbit Legrange Points and Orbits First Images from the James Webb Space Telescope | NASA How JWST’s Images Compare to Hubble’s JWST’s Image of Southern Ring Nebula Hubble’s Image of Southern Ring Nebula JWST’s Image of Carina Nebula Hubble’s Image of Carina Nebula JWST’s Image of Stephan’s Quintet Hubble’s Image of Stephan’s Quintet JWST’s Image of SMACS 0723

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James and Shawn are two friends who like to talk about life. Science, grammar, parenting, spirituality—they're like to discuss it.

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